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Program Costs

The following is included in one flat fee of $60,000 usd:

Pilot Licenses

Private Pilot License
Instrument Pilot License
Multi-engine Commercial 


High Performance Aircraft
Complex Aircraft

Flight Hours Guaranteed Upon Graduation

300 hours of single engine
50 hour of multi-engine with a minimum of 10 hours of Multi Engine Turbine in King Air

Housing for up to twelve months
Transportation to and from the airport except for gas, insurance, and maintenance for the car.

M1 student visa with all taxes and fees included

All check ride fees, books, and pilot supplies except personal items (i.e. Headsets, uniforms, and charts).

Transportation to and from the airport each day

Food and personal expenses not provided.

Payments of $5,000 per month is the preferred method of payment.  This guarantees that each student is only paying for the flight time and training that is received on a monthly basis.  Most students finish the program in about six to eight months, but each student is given up to a years to complete the program.