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Our program can be completed within 6 months to 12 months.  During this period of time students are being personally instructed by highly experienced Captains learning the skills necessary to be a working pilot.  We limit the number of students to just four individuals at any one time.  This allows for a great deal of individual attention for each student.   

The training takes the student thru Private Pilot, Instrument Pilot, and Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot ratings.  Each student is guaranteed to graduate our program with over 300 hours of flight time, and well over 50 hours of multi-engine time with at least 50 hours in multi-engine turbine aircraft.  No other flight school offers Multi-Engine Turbine training!  Most airline or charter departments require a minimum of 50 hours of turbine time in order to apply.  With our program you meet this very hard requirement to obtain! Our students gain a great deal of experience flying cross country into some of the worlds most busy airspace.

We currently use state of the art glass panel aircraft.  This is the best equipment available and allows us to provide training in the exact same equipment that the airlines use.

Students are provided housing with two students per bedroom in a ranch style home. This home has a full kitchen, laundry facilities, and is located in the mountains of Southern California.  This housing is as a guest and is provided with condition of proper behavior.  Housing in the local area may also be obtained.  Transportation from the home to the airport, and for personal use is also provided.  This requires the student to obtain a California Driver's license and provide insurance for the use of one of our vehicles.  The fuel, insurance, and maintenance is not provided for the cars, and is the responsibility of the student using the car.  

With only four students there is never any problems obtaining an aircraft for your training needs.  These aircraft are owned by our company, and are always ready for our students when they are ready to train. Most other flight schools overbook the aircraft that they have, and this leads to many days when a student can not train!

Each student graduates with over 300 hours of flight time which is the minimum amount required to apply with the airlines.